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Client Praise & Community Buzz


Turned An Invisible Corner & Closed New Clients

I’m on Cloud 9! Just closed another new client and I am absolutely over the moon! I’m so incredibly grateful, so amazingly blessed, so overwhelmed with joy. I feel like I’ve turned an invisible corner…

I have paid all my bills, set aside $$, paid myself more money than I have in months, paid off a small loan and quadrupled my monthly revenue.

Working with you has changed my life!!

Jennifer Eckhardt,

Invested In: Money Mindset Mastermind, 6-Figure Brand Builder.

Just ONE Strategy Turned Into 11 Sales In 2 Hours

“I took action on one of the tips you shared inside the workshop and in the past 2 hours, 11 people have signed up for my new offer! You’re right, women who work with you DO make more money. Thank you for the idea & inspiration.”

Kenz A. Soliman,

Invested In: Create Offers That Sell Workshop, 6-Figure Brand Builder DIY.


I Sold My First $3500 Package!

“Celebration!!!! A huge step for me!!

I sold my first $3500 package!!!! I made it work for the client and I am confident I can help her get the results she desires. I also feel confident that this package will cost twice or three times as much pretty soon.

Siril Ravndal Grude,

Invested In: Money Mindset Mastermind, 6-Figure Brand Builder.

The Best Decision So Far...

“You created such a powerful and loving container for me and the other ladies to blossom Randi. It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to up your game, especially money game in this program! I’m truly grateful for you and joining #6FBB was the best decision ever this year so far!”

Genevieve Muwana,

Invested In: 6-Figure Brand Builder.


Randi Has Transformed My Business + Life

“Working with Randi has totally transformed my business + life. Not only am I making more sales with more ease (especially passive income), but I also feel a lot more confident and clear about my direction. That alone is priceless!

Anna Frolik,

Invested In: 1-1 Coaching.

Here's What You Can Expect Working With Me

After 9 years of coaching hundreds of online women coaches, creatives & spirituals; there are three common threads that run through my clients’ results:

  1. “Working with Randi has transformed my life & business.”
  2. “I feel more clear & confident in my gifts & power.”
  3. “I make more money.”

While there are no guarantees you’ll make money working with me (we have to keep it real, y’all), the solid track record of improved client results speaks for itself.

If you’re ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of – and build the business that divinely sustains that life – let’s get to work!


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