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Client Praise & Community Buzz


Turned An Invisible Corner & Closed New Clients

I’m on Cloud 9! Just closed another new client and I am absolutely over the moon! I’m so incredibly grateful, so amazingly blessed, so overwhelmed with joy. I feel like I’ve turned an invisible corner…

I have paid all my bills, set aside $$, paid myself more money than I have in months, paid off a small loan and quadrupled my monthly revenue.

Jennifer Eckhardt,

Invested In: Money Mindset Mastermind, 6-Figure Brand Builder.

Just ONE Strategy Turned Into 11 Sales In 2 Hours

“I took action on one of the tips you shared inside the workshop and in the past 2 hours, 11 people have signed up for my new offer! You’re right, women who work with you DO make more money. Thank you for the idea & inspiration.”

Kenz A. Soliman,

Invested In: Create Offers That Sell Workshop, 6-Figure Brand Builder DIY.


I Sold My First $3500 Package!

“Celebration!!!! A huge step for me!!

I sold my first $3500 package!!!! I made it work for the client and I am confident I can help her get the results she desires. I also feel confident that this package will cost twice or three times as much pretty soon.

Siril Ravndal Grude,

Invested In: Money Mindset Mastermind, 6-Figure Brand Builder.