Welcome back for another edition of #FRIDAYFAVORITES!

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The idea is to highlight my favorite things from the week… from inspiring people –> to my favorite products –> to videos from my morning routine –> to music currently set on repeat.

I hope you love this series as much as I enjoy curating it for you.


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Let’s jump in…


JULY 12, 2019

Friday Favorite #1

Elizabeth Peru: The Tip-Off

I’ve been a long-time follower of Elizabeth’s Facebook® Page and have always found her daily posts helpful in navigating the current energies, but I was seeking deeper clarity in leveraging the energy for massive quantum leaps.

The daily guidance inside The Tip-Off experience is invaluable and easy to digest (daily audio messages are 2-3 minutes). There’s also bonus materials to further support you.

Learn more and subscribe: elizabethperu.com/the-tip-off

*PS – I highly, highly recommend Elizabeth’s “New Earth Frequencies” meditation… it’s AWESOME. (It was a limited-time bonus when I signed up for The Tip-Off and it’s not currently available anywhere else), but I’m hoping she puts in her store. xx


Friday Favorite #2

Amazon Prime Day – yay!

While I’m selective with my consumerism, but let’s be honest: Prime Day is THE day to grab good deals.

I’ve used Amazon Prime Day to grab deals on bigger investments (like my iPad & MacBook) and FireTV equipment (because I don’t do commercials)…. but you can use it to grab your everyday favorites, too.

There’s also the Prime Day Concert with Taylor Swift & Co. (Tay is one of the most *brilliant* marketers, btw.)


Friday Favorite #3

AncestryDNA® Kit

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories, you’ve heard me talk about the deep mysteries & unbelievable surprises) I’ve found by diving into my family roots. *Like how Diana, Princess of Wales is a distant cousin – WHA?!!

In my quest to finally conclude a mild family debate whether one of my Father’s family branches is French or German (first world problems – lol), I decided to order the AncestryDNA kit.


While I await my DNA results (we’re getting closer!), I dove into my family tree and traced my Mother’s side of the family to founding American settlers in Hartford, CT & Deerfield, MA. We’re talking about founding political leaders, doctors & church parishioners. It’s a BIG family to unravel with ties to extremely extended family members of the Strong family, Barnard family and Nims family (all very early English settlers of 1620-1630).

*The Strong Family line alone means that Ben Affleck, Brooke Shields & Glenn Close are all distant cousins. Crazy.

I ordered the DNA + TRAITS option so I could get additional information, get linked up with distant family members inside Ancestry.com & be able to trace older generations across the UK, France, Russia & Germany .. to get to the HEART of where I started.

What will you discover when you unlock the mysteries of your DNA? Can’t wait to hear!