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Curious to learn more about Human Design?

I have been, too, since recently learning my personal Human Design type (Manifesting Generator).

That’s why I invited Natalie Marie Collins to join us and give us a quick look at each of the 5 #HumanDesign types.

*You’ll hear me say ‘4’ types in the video introduction, but there are 5 😉

In the early days of exploring my Human Design type, I was specifically fascinated in learning more about how I, as a Manifesting Generator (with Emotional Authority), make swift decisions.

*I’ve always considered myself a go-getter, action-taker and swift decision-maker. Turns out, once Manifesting Generators get clear, they can be very powerful manifestors. There can be an “incubating” period for some decisions, but in general, I see something in my world, and it’s a clear YES or NO & I respond immediately with action in either case (either away or toward a goal). I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember…

Anyway, after learning the “big picture view” of my Manifesting Generator (with Emotional Authority) type, I hired Natalie to take me deeper into into how each of the 5 Human Design types make swift & aligned decisions.

*As a coach, it is my upmost priority to support you (the community & my private clients) in the most effective way, so that you can step into your best life yet.

If you’re anything like me, I know you’ll find this Human Design Chat with Natalie fascinating & insightful!

STEP #1: If you don’t know your HD type, get your free Human Design chart here.

STEP #2: Come back to this post to watch this video 🙂

STEP #3: Hire Natalie to read your chart & dial-in your business true to your type.

*Or – Work with me and receive your reading for free. ($497 value. Terms apply.)