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Human Design Chat #2 with Randi Pierce and Natalie Collins.

Hi all!

In today’s class we cover #introvert and #extrovert personalities and ask the question:

Where do I find my introvert or extrovert nature inside my #HumanDesign chart?

While the #HumanDesignSystem doesn’t specifically address introverted or extroverted energy, I know many women entrepreneurs consider themselves to be an introvert.

And yet, growing a successful business requires you to be extroverted.

And here’s where the quandary happens:
How do you honor your introverted nature while be required to engage in extroverted activity to grow your business?

Natalie shows us where to pinpoint this introverted and extroverted energy in the #HumanDesignChart and how to manage your energy successfully to run an #onlinebusiness without #burnout.

And toward the end of the video, Randi shares *key marketing shifts* she made to honor her introverted true nature – and how you can apply those key shifts in your own business to honor your alone time AND still be visible & available to your community.

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