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Welcome back for another edition of #FRIDAYFAVORITES!!

This new blog series just premiered last week, so be sure to catch up on the premiere post here.

The idea is to highlight my favorite things from the week… from inspiring people –> to my favorite products –> to videos from my morning routine –> to music currently set on repeat.

I hope you love this series as much as I enjoy curating it for you.

As a female entrepreneur, it’s important to me to support other women entrepreneurs. That’s why you’ll see people, products & resources you’ll see here will be women-owned businesses.

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Let’s jump in…


JUNE 14, 2019

Friday Favorite #1

I Heart My Life by Emily Williams

In the words of entrepreneur phenomenon, Emily Williams; it’s time to make your dreams a reality.

Several months back, I gained early access to Emily’s book (members of the Scale Up Accelerator program had behind-the-scenes access) and absolutely loved it from the first chapter 🙂

I Heart My Life reminds me of another favorite book that – to this day – remains in my office. Both books contain profound wisdom & inspiration along your path.


If you’ve ever worked with Emily, you know she’s a firm believer in taking action. Words alone aren’t going to create the reality you dream about … you must take action toward your dreams!

You’ll find inspiring words in every chapter, but this book does one better: it gives you action steps.

I know I Heart My Life will inspire you to create success beyond your dreams.

Friday Favorite #2

Follow: Luxe Interior + Design

Did you know? I spent two decades working in the luxury real estate market in San Diego…

I never tire of exploring beautiful home interiors & design, so when Luxe Interiors + Design showed up in my Facebook feed (algorithms are freakishly good these days), it was love at first sight.

Their feeds are gorgeous and give me a ton of ideas for my home space… plus, their magazine is perfect for your vision book inspiration!

*I’ve linked their digital magazine here, but I prefer to subscribe to the print version, so I can easily cut & paste my favorite inspirations.


Facebook + Instagram: @luxemagazine

Friday Favorite #3

Sound Therapy YouTube Playlist

Anyone else need music while they’re working?

I do. For me, it just facilitates focused action. As entrepreneurs, we need all.the.tools to increase focused action 😉

Quite by accident, I discovered these powerful sound therapy videos.

Honestly, I hadn’t started listening to them for their healing power, but rather the mellow background sound that kept me energized & focused.

A lot of the time, I’ll just play them in the background as I nap or cook, streaming them through my SmartTV soundbar to raise the vibration of my home space 🙂

Anyway, there’s a ton of sound therapy research out there you can dive into, but in the meantime, check out some of my favorite sound therapy videos in this YouTube Playlist.