Hi ladies,

Excited to introduce you to the first #FRIDAYFAVORITES blog post series at RandiPierce.com!!

This series has been on my heart for months & I’m super excited that we finally get to kick it off with you 🙂

The idea is to highlight my favorite things from the week… from inspiring people –> to my favorite products –> to videos from my morning routine –> to music currently set on repeat.

I hope you love this series as much as I enjoy curating it for you.

As a female entrepreneur, it’s important to me to support other women entrepreneurs and women-led organizations.

Because of this, most of the people, products & resources you’ll see here will be women-owned businesses.

I hope you feel an inspired as I do by the products, people & resources I share in this series. 🙂

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PS – This series may contain affiliate links from which I may earn a commission or credit if you decide to purchase.


Let’s jump in…


JUNE 7, 2019

Friday Favorite #1

Luxury Pillows by Daria DiCieli

If you follow my Instagram stories, you’ve seen me share Daria’s gorgeous illustrated videos that she shares in her stories.

When she recently announced her new pillow line, I immediately ordered two pillows because I simply couldn’t part with just one. *I’ll soon be going back to purchase this pillow too.

What I love most about these luxury pillows is… THE VIBRANT COLORS!

For anyone who has dealt with manufacturing products knows it is NOT an easy process, but I’m thoroughly impressed with the colors, they’re beautifully vibrant – just like Daria’s original artwork.

The fabric has a high-quality feel with a bit of woven texture to it (which I like) … and well, I already mentioned the vibrant colors are amazing! The stuffing is just the perfect mix of support & malleability. It’s medium-firm enough for back support & malleable enough for head support (for Sunday naps on the couch). And it’s contained in it’s own interior case.

I appreciate that the removable covers are machine washable and the zipper is expertly placed in a hidden seam.

Shop Now: https://dariadicieli.com/collections/all


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Friday Favorite #2

Fresh Flowers from @TraderJoes

Okay, gotta disclose that I am a pretty die-hard fan of flowers from @TraderJoes. You’ll see their flowers in my post ALL the time!

Since I’m no where near the International Floral Trade Center (in San Diego) or the Los Angeles Flower Mart, I’ve found Trader Joe’s #WestOly to be the next best thing.

They always have a large selection, their prices are very reasonable – and their peonies are gooorgeous 🙂

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Where’s your favorite place to get fresh flowers?


Friday Favorite #3

Music: Fresh Outpouring by Jesus Culture

In full disclosure, I’m selective with Christian music, but when I came across this video earlier this week, it’s healing power is TANGIBLE.

(Watch it all the way through because she guides you through a powerful breakthrough.)

Since then, I’ve used it every day in my morning routine and I’ve felt a major difference.

If you’ve been struggling with anything (whether it’s something you’re trying to let go of – or something you’re trying to create), I encourage you to find a private space, put your ear buds in, turn on this video …. and let whatever needs to go – go. xx

Get ready for a huge breakthrough!

Bonus! Final Friday Favorite

Favorite Facebook® Post

Sharing this post from Laura Bartlett, CEO & founder of House of Coco Magazine.

This girl is #gettingit and this post is everything.

“Think about this : We’re half way through 2019

Stop getting distracted by things that have nothing to do with your goals”