Soul & Success Coach,
Randi Pierce

I’m obsessed with
helping you make more money
authentically & gracefully.

(and I’ve got a damn-good track record to show for it.)

Latest Client Breakthroughs!


I closed my first client today at my new $3000 package. They also asked if I provide couples retreats…lol. The universe is showing off. In addition I took the list of my core 7 objectives you had me create and asked them to circle the ones they felt they needed. They circled 5 of the 7. It made it so simple to share the benefits of working with me. I am in awe right now of the blessings and shifts. I feel so full and satisfied! Randi …you’ve guided me into being a smart, savvy & prospering business woman.” ~Nekisha Kee     Nekisha-Michelle.com

“I sent my first blog out to my newly developed list and received 3 customers for coaching & 1 new sign up for my in-person class. *UPDATE*: I just received my first unsolicited radio show invite. After talking with Randi I felt really good about the changes to my niche we discussed, so I made tweets to my website, social media, etc…. Well guess what happened? The first words out of the interviewer mouth was ‘you have a unique niche.’ Wow! Thanks, Randi, you are AWESOME!” ~KAREN BARNO     KarenBarno.com


Of course, it’s not just about the money – it’s how you feel about the money.

(This, my love, is where it all turns around.)

I’m here to help you divinely-align work & money so you become unstoppable.

nekisha-header-praise.pngRandi toughened me up around client payment arrangements & attracting clients who had the money to pay me without struggle. Now, every one of my new enrollments has no problem agreeing to my payment arrangement terms and giving me bigger deposits. If I had not talked to Randi, I would have slipped away and threw in the towel. If you trust her & do what she says – it works & everything comes together.
So I did it!! I used what I learned in the first few lessons and I stepped out of my comfort zone and designed something truly glamorous and they LOVED everything!!!! For the first time, I feel amazing and tripled my profit in a matter of 35 minutes. It has given me the courage to do more this weekend. Thank you Randi!
I got a new client!
He made me realize what I’m most passionate about. I’ve helped him in two sessions, then he signed up for weekly sessions at double the amount I had been charging!
I’m excited to share that I reached my goal of $5K for sponsorship funds for my company’s event. Hoping to hear by tomorrow about another $5K for the title sponsorship. Yippee! Thanks for encouraging me to stay focused on the positive and seeing & accepting the money.
What are you waiting for?
authentically & gracefully.